Eldon | Newborn | Lansing, Michigan

I am going to start this story a short time before the session. Mum emailed us and said she wanted to meet and discuss scheduling a newborn session. We emailed her a couple of different meeting times, and were met with the response that she would just go ahead and book a time with us because they decided to induce her.  How exciting! We sent her an email with our information packet, and let her know we were looking forward to working with her, and meeting her new little guy.

The night before the shoot we received an email letting us know that she liked blues, teals and mint colors. I recently had sewn a cute little newborn pants and hat set that I knew would be exactly what she was looking for. I was excited to put it to use. The day of the shoot, Grandma, Dad and Mum arrived to watch little Eldon have his first photo shoot.

Eldon was the first newborn to have his photos taken in my new moon prop. I was really delighted to be able to use it. I could not have asked for a sweeter little newborn. He slept almost the entire session. Only waking briefly for a feeding. He also played peek-a-boo for a few moments when we got him on his belly for some photos in his Ninja Turtles hat. He would peek up at Leanne (my assistant), and she would say "I see you peeking" and he would smile and close his eyes. It was almost as though he understood the game. And we got a great smile out of him.

Winston | 8 Months | Easter | Lansing, Michigan

I am always happy to photograph my little nephew. Since the last time, he has learned to crawl so for this shoot he was all over the background. My sister wanted to get some Easter pictures. She brought along a small little basket with plastic eggs. Well, that captured Winston's attention. He wanted to just dump them out all over the floor and then chase them around. It was very entertaining to watch him crawl as fast as he could to try and catch the eggs as they rolled away. We got quite a bit of great pictures. And a handful of funny bloopers. Enjoy this sneak peek of the cute little monster, Winston.

Kate | One Month | Lansing, Michigan

Kate was a little spitfire for our first session. She started out happy, and even started falling asleep. Outfit number one went smoothly. Well mom had a little ruffle diaper cover she wanted to use, so while I changed set-ups, she changed the little one. Well, Kate was having none of that. She clearly indicated that she was done being photographed, by fussing and complaining. Poor mom seemed a little flustered so we decided to not push it. We rescheduled for another day to finish the rest of the session. Mom requested that we give a morning session a try, as Kate seemed to be a morning baby.  The next session came quickly, and on Valentine's Day! Kate was wearing an adorable little heart onsie, so before we changed her into the Tutu outfit her mom wanted, we snagged a couple photos. Kate was definitely more cooperative and we were able to finish up the session with no problems. She is a precious little gem.