Mr. & Mrs. Sommer | Lansing, Michigan | Wedding

The day was just perfect for a wedding. The sun was shinning, everyone was smiling and the emotions were swirling in the air. We spent most of the getting ready time with Lauren. She was glowing with happiness. When we ducked out of the bridal room to say hi to Chris, he was just a little nervous. What groom isn't? His groomsmen were helping him out by telling him things like:
"It's only the special day she has been planning since she was 6," and other comments along those lines. I'm sure he really appreciated the help. =)

The ceremony was beautiful. Chris even had a little surprise for Lauren. She thought he was going to play his guitar while his best man sang. However, Chris was the one who sang to her. She was smiling as tears of joy ran down her face. She later said she wanted to get a tissue, but she didn't want to look away from Chris.  It was a beautiful moment.

The reception was held at a relative's beautiful home. They had a large tent set up and several yard games set up around the outside. One of the most popular was Jenga. A couple of the guests got a pretty intense game going. There was also a beautiful pond that made a great backdrop for photographs. The first dance was so full of love. Lauren and her Dad had a special dance with canes and a hat for style. Chris and his mother really tore up the dance floor with their great dance moves.

We wish all the best to Chris and Lauren in their new life together as a married couple. Congratulations!

Mr. & Mrs. Bickham | East Lansing, Michigan | Wedding

After meeting Joe and Stephanie, we just knew this was going to be a fun wedding. They seemed like such great people. We arrived at the MSU Alumni Chapel in the morning, where we took some getting ready photos. The groom and his groomsman took the opportunity for a quick group selfie! You could just feel the excitement in the room. The ceremony was beautiful. After the ceremony we headed around campus for some photos in the garden and, of course, at the Sparty Statue! The reception was held at the Huntington Club. We arrived before the bridal party and had the opportunity to take some photographs before the guests arrived.

Something that made this reception truly unique was the First Dance of the bride and groom. They had a Cloud Dance. It was incredibly romantic. The emotions were high for the Father/Daughter dance, and you could just feel the love between them. Toward the end, the sister of the bride joined in the dance.

The reception is where the party really got started! It was loaded with fun. The garter was wrapped around a football and thrown to the waiting gentlemen. In the process of flying through the air the two were separated, allowing two different men to catch each piece. Well, of course a winner had to be chosen, and what better way to do that than by a Dance Off!

Anthony and Michael | 2 and 5 Years old | Lansing, Michigan

I was looking forward to seeing Anthony again. The last time we saw him, he was all geared up to play Hockey. Seriously, the cutest little hockey player every with his adorable dimples! This time we got to photograph his little brother, also.

Michael was such an independent little 2 year old. He was happy to pose with his big brother for a couple of photos. Then he wanted to pose himself...on a bench, and then in a chair, and then on a stool. Sometimes with all three in the shot. All of which he pulled onto the background by himself. When asked if he needed help he would respond "no".

Anthony was an awesome little model. He posed like a pro and could turn on a natural smile with ease. His blue eyes shined in every shot. We even got mom and dad in a couple of frames.

Jocelyn | One Year | Lansing, Michigan

This was Jocelyn's last session in her Baby's First Year package, and I am going to miss seeing her every couple of months. I look forward to when she comes back to me for Christmas photos. It will be neat to see how much she will have grown by then.

At our previous session, Jocelyn was just able to stand while holding onto something. This session was a completely different story. She was up and walking...which always makes for an interesting session, because little ones who can walk tend to want to do just that.

The day was lovely outside, so we decided to get some indoor photographs and then step out of the studio for some outdoor shots. Jocelyn wasn't so sure about sitting in the grass, but she didn't mind standing. She also seemed to like the little chair we brought along for her to sit in.