Hello and Welcome! Let me start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Amber Johnston. My interest in photography began as a young girl, when I used to go on photo-walks with my father. He would show me the beauty of nature. He taught me all about keeping my eyes open and that even the smallest little creatures can make an amazing photograph. As I grew older, I began to branch out and get into portrait photography. I fell in love with it. Each individual has their own unique style and personality. I loved being able to bring that to life in my photographs. People ask my what my style of photography is. I like to say that my style is "story-telling."  I enjoy capturing the story of you.  I love, LOVE photographing little ones. They are so sweet and innocent. Yes, I even enjoy photographing 2-year-olds! At my previous job I got the nickname "The Child Whisperer". I'd love the chance to meet you and discuss your photography needs.