Ansell Wedding | East Lansing, Michigan | Amber J Photography

I knew from the moment we received an email from this bride that this was going to be a unique wedding. Christine emailed us and told us she was currently living in Minnesota, but was trying to plan a wedding in East Lansing. Her family were all local, and so she wanted to have the wedding here. We corresponded many times, and had everything worked out over a year in advance. As her wedding date drew near we were trying to work out a time where we could meet in person, however our dates just weren't able to line up. The first time we met Christine and Kevin was on the day of their wedding. As soon as Christine introduced herself I knew this was going to be a great day. She was outgoing, and had a fun personality. Her bridesmaids were also very outgoing. They also seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera. So many people get shy when I start photographing, and it can take several shots to get the comfortable, however this whole group seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Which definitely made my job easier! After spending about 45 minutes with the girls, I headed over to the gentleman. Kevin seemed a little reserved at first, but I suspect he was a little nervous. And that is to be expected! Allen had already spent some time photographing the guys getting ready so I didn't spend too much time with them. I headed back up to the sanctuary so I could get some photographs of the guests as they were being seated. The ceremony was a full Catholic Mass, and lasted about an hour and a half. The lighting inside the sanctuary was just beautiful, and made my job even easier! The day just kept getting better and better.

Typically, couples will have an hour in between the ceremony and the reception, for photographs.  Kevin and Christine had 3 hours!  They had rented a party bus, which transported us from the Church to the various locations of their choosing. We started out by heading over to the Sparty Statue. Which is a must-have photograph for any MSU alumni! The wedding party had brought along sunglasses, and we definitely made use of them. We had a blast playing around with some silly poses, and also had a couple more formal ones. The gentlemen really let loose and everyone was having such a good time! After the statue, we headed over to the Horticultural Gardens. My what a beautiful setting! So romantic! And boy did we get some excellent photographic opportunities! I am just dying to photograph an entire wedding there!

As we arrived at the reception, which was at the East Lansing Marriott, the bridal party headed up to their hotel rooms to freshen up. I took the opportunity to photograph the cake, and the table settings. The guests were all outside the room, in the cocktail area. After they were all seated the DJ announced the couples and they all a fun entrance in to the reception. I have to add that the DJ had one of the best announcer voices I have ever heard at a reception. He was definitely born to entertain! The first thing that Kevin and Christine did was cut the cake. They had the most unique cake knife I have ever seen. It was a sword! Yes, you read that right...a SWORD! It was very cool! And apparently is a tradition in Kevin's family. The rest of the reception went great, and everyone we met was kind and friendly. They treated us as though we were guests. I couldn't feel more thankful that they chose us to photograph their wedding. It was a real honor to meet such a special, and amazing group of people. I wish them all the best! Congratulations Kevin and Christine Ansell!