Winston Fagan | 6 month | Lansing, Michigan

Winston is my sweet little nephew. I have affectionately given him the nick-name "Little Monster." And he loves it. He smiles every time I use it. The nick-name was given to him before he was even born. As an active baby in his mom's tummy, he would kick her right in the ribs on many occasions. Since being born he has been a very colicky baby. Saying he cries a lot is an understatement. But when he isn't crying he is a very happy little one. He seems to LOVE to smile. As long as he has a full belly, he is ready to play!  When we photographed his 3 month session, we ended up having to wait almost 2 hours for him to calm down and let us try some photos. We almost decided to reschedule, but then he turned on the smiles. So, we were unsure how his 6 month session would go. He did excellent. He was happy and cooperative for nearly the entire session. Just once, we had to take a short feeding break, but then it was back to smiles and adorable expressions. Here are a handful of images from that session. Enjoy!