Kate | One Month | Lansing, Michigan

Kate was a little spitfire for our first session. She started out happy, and even started falling asleep. Outfit number one went smoothly. Well mom had a little ruffle diaper cover she wanted to use, so while I changed set-ups, she changed the little one. Well, Kate was having none of that. She clearly indicated that she was done being photographed, by fussing and complaining. Poor mom seemed a little flustered so we decided to not push it. We rescheduled for another day to finish the rest of the session. Mom requested that we give a morning session a try, as Kate seemed to be a morning baby.  The next session came quickly, and on Valentine's Day! Kate was wearing an adorable little heart onsie, so before we changed her into the Tutu outfit her mom wanted, we snagged a couple photos. Kate was definitely more cooperative and we were able to finish up the session with no problems. She is a precious little gem.