Eliana | 15 Months | Lansing, Michigan

When Mom called us to book the session she was a little nervous. She explained that they had a photography session previously that didn't go so smoothly. Little Eliana wasn't a fan of being in the spotlight. Mom told me that the last time they had attempted to have photographs done, Eliana cried the whole time.We told her that we try and keep a relaxed and fun environment, so that kids are able to just be themselves, and we would love the opportunity to try and get some great photos of her sweet little daughter.

When Mom and Dad arrived the shoot I brought out a little toy play-table that I had. We gave Eliana a couple of minutes to relax,  just explore the room and to play with the toys. Pretty soon she was smiling, and having a fun time. She was quite the active one. Since she had just recently learned to walk, she did not want to stay still. Which is something I expect every time I am told that we are getting a toddler in the studio. Dad was put to the task of picking Eliana up and placing her back on the background every time she wandered off it. He definitely got a workout, that is for sure!