Awesome Opportunity for Future Brides

Hello, I am taking a moment to step away from my normal session blogs to tell you future Brides all about something great!

Wedding Planning:

This is one of the most stressful parts of your special day. There is so much that you didn't even know you needed. A beautiful location, Invites, an officiant (if you aren't going to be at a church), a photographer (of course!), a DJ or band, a ride from your ceremony to reception, a cake, a caterer, flowers, that perfect dress...and so much more.

Well guess what! I can help you with this. Yes, me...your photographer. No I'm not a wedding planner, but I am a Board Member for the Lansing Bridal Association. What is that, you ask. You know those really awesome Lansing Bridal Shows in September and January, where you meet a TON of wedding vendors and get so much information about your wedding planning process. The Lansing Bridal Association is the group that puts those together. Most of the vendors that you meet at those shows are a part of the Lansing Bridal Association. They have a website where you can find all the vendors you need in one place: As a Board Member I can help recommend the best vendors in the wedding industry.

You can even register to receive a newsletter tell you all about what is going on in the wedding industry. How to pick flowers, and what each one symbolizes...what colors are trending...and more.

Now for the BEST part! There are lots of future brides all around Lansing that have the same questions as you. The Lansing Bridal Association has MONTHLY Mix and Mingles! This is a great opportunity for you to get together with other Brides and share your wedding planning stories and advice. Plus, there will be wedding vendors at each Mix and Mingle to help answer your questions. It is free to attend. This is a non-sales atmosphere. They aren't going to push you to hire them, but instead they are going to share their knowledge of weddings and answer your questions about their profession. You can win prizes just for coming.  Each Mix and Mingle takes place in a different location, so you get to visit some great venues. There is always great food, drink specials and great company. Don't just come to one, come to them all!

The next one is on Tuesday, May 26 at 6pm. The hosting Venue is Spare Time Entertainment Center. So there will be FREE bowling and FREE food, plus drink specials.

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