Joseph Krezo | One Year Session | East Lansing, Michigan

I can't believe it has already been a year! I remember when Katie first contacted us about photographing Joseph's newborn pictures. Now, this handsome little guy is a whole year old!

For this session we decided to head out the the MSU Horticultural Gardens, for an outdoor shoot. At the beginning of the session, Joseph was not interested in pictures. He just wanted to have dad hold him, so we got some great family pictures.

One thing I love about photographing children sessions is capturing their personalities and likes. Joseph has always been a pretty serious little guy at all of his shoots. We did manage to get a couple of cute smiles out of him. His latest obsession, however, is sunglasses. He really liked the green ones that Mom and Dad had brought for him. We were starting to wonder if he was going to let us have them back for pictures without them. But the he discovered a flower, and he was happy to have that.