We are Making Changes!

So....lets talk! This year I decided to try something new for Amber J Photography. I focused on Newborns (and family). I noticed two things, one...I LOVE photographing babies! Seriously, they are so super cute! Two, I missed photographing other things.

That being said, I am going to be revamping my website! It is going to be similar to what it looks like now, BUT it will also include more than just newborns. This is a process, and will probably take a few days to accomplish. So your patience is greatly appreciated!

One of the BIGGEST changes I am making, is that I will now be offering Fantasy Style photography! I will be doing an ENTIRE blog on this in the near future. Because this is a new venture, I don't have a ton of work to put into a portfolio. That being said, this is not a new thing for me! I've always loved playing around in photoshop and creating surreal/fantasy images. Usually just on a whim with my youngest sister as my model. Now, I want to offer those types of sessions to everyone! So y'all can look forward to that blog soon!

I am also going to spend some time getting engagement pictures back up on the website, as well as some of my wedding work. As for weddings, however, I am unsure at this moment if I will be jumping back into that part of photography. For now, that is to be determined. =)

The other change I am making is that I am hoping to do a few more themed mini sessions throughout the year. Possibly (and most likely) beginning with fun Halloween Costume minis. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and or on Instagram, for those announcements!

Enjoy these pictures from my vacation in Mackinac. =)