Chad & Tiffany | Portrait Session

I was excited to capture this session. Chad contacted us and said that he wanted to purchase a couples session for him and his wife as a gift to her. Tiffany was so happy the day of the session. Since this is Michigan, it was a toss of the coin on what the weather would be. Especially since, just the week before, we had some of the coldest days ever! Fortunately, while it was cold, it wasn’t below freezing, and there was just the right amount of snow on the ground to create a beautiful addition to the session but not so much that we had to traipse through knee deep, wet, cold snow. Chad and Tiffany bundled up between pictures, and snuggled together to stay warm during each shot.

As we headed back toward the Sparty Statue for our final pictures, we talked about how crazy far away Chad and Tiffany had to park. Well, there was no way we were going to make them walk a mile or more back to their car (yup! parking at MSU was crazy that day), so we had them hop in our car for a warm ride to theirs.