What do I wear?


So you want to get professional portraits, but you have no idea what to wear!? Well, let me help guide you! If you are anything like me, you stand in front of your closet every morning and try to figure out what you want to wear for the day. Add the pressure of how to coordinate outfits for a portrait session, and you might feel overwhelmed. My goal is to help make your decision easier.

Newborn Sessions:

The majority of our relationship poses are photographed from the waist up. When choosing what outfit to wear, think simple and timeless. Avoid busy patterns, branding and graphic shirts. Remember, you and your husband don't have to match. We do recommend staying within the same color family, or choose colors that compliment each other. This creates a beautiful, classic and cohesive image. Pastel colors, creams, and greys look great. If you are bringing along a sibling, keep their outfit simple. Little girls look beautiful in simple summer dresses, and little boys look great in jeans and a comfortable shirt.

Jewelry: think simple. Less is more. Avoid large, clunky necklaces. I will likely be resting your newborn on your chest, and therefore large necklaces could scratch your little one.

Outdoor Portrait Sessions:

First, think about the season. Pastel/light colors are great for in the spring. Bright vibrant colors are perfect for the summer. Fall, definitely go with darker colors such as browns, maroons, or deep blues. Winter....with winter you can get creative. Both bold colors, and light colors can work well with a snowy scene. 

Second, think about the location. A beautiful pastel spring dress works great for garden setting, but might not be the best choice for a rustic wooded area. For that, you may want to consider a pair of nice denim jeans and a lighter colored shirt.

I always caution against bold patterns, branding, and graphic shirts for portrait sessions. These can be distracting. You want the focus on your beautiful smiling faces, not your favorite band shirt!

Most Importantly:

BE YOU!! Show your personality, and don't wear something you wouldn't normally wear. You should be confident and comfortable. Your portrait session is all about you and your family, not your clothing! Forcing yourself to wear something your uncomfortable in will show in pictures. So remember to just be you, smile, and have fun!

Need visuals?

I've put together a helpful Pinterest board of outfit ideas and color palette ideas to help you pick the perfect outfit for your portrait shoot.