Frequently Asked Questions:


How far in advance do I need to schedule my session?

Newborn Sessions: I recommend booking your session prior to giving birth. Our newborn sessions typically take place when your baby is between the ages of 7 and 10 days. This is when your little one is still squishy and sleepy. At approximately 14 days, your newborn is going to hit a growth spurt and want to eat more often. While I will gladly still do newborn portraits at that age, I will likely need to stop more often for feeding breaks.  I schedule you session based on your due date. I also understand that babies don't always arrive right on schedule. Therefore, I just ask that you call us and let us know when your little one arrives and I will adjust the session date if needed.

Portrait Sessions: Summer and Fall are busy seasons for photographers. October is easily the busiest month of the year. In Michigan, we get some beautiful fall colors, but it usually only lasts for about 2-3 weeks. I have gotten quite good at judging the weeks in October that those changes will happen. If you want a fall session with me, we strongly recommend booking 1-2 months in advance. The rest of the year, I am usually able to get you in if you contact us 2-3 weeks in advance.

Now that we have booked with you, what should we wear?

Well, I have created a whole blog post all about this subject. You can find it HERE.

Where does our portrait session take place?

Newborn Sessions: These take place in our studio. I had an addition built right onto the back of my home just for capturing your memories! So don't be surprised when you pull up to a house. My studio has its own entrance and walkway along the side of our driveway. You are more than welcome to park in the driveway. We will meet you out there and walk you back to the studio.

Portrait Sessions: Typically these are on location, however I do have room in the studio to accommodate a limited amount of people. The specific location of your shoot will be decided during the booking process.

How long will it take for us to receive our images, and how many do we receive?

Image processing takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks. This all depends on the time of year, and the amount of sessions we have on the schedule. I do my best to schedule your portrait session 2 weeks after your photo shoot, but during our busy season, it could take a little longer. My goal is to provide you with approximately 30 images to view/purchase. I also include some images in Black & White. Black & White images are decided at my discression.

What does the Session Fee include?

Newborn Sessions: The session fee includes up to 3 hours of studio time. This varies based on the cooperation of the baby. Some babies sleep the whole time without a feeding break, and the session can take 1.5 hours. Some babies want to eat every 15 minutes, which can extend the session to 3 hours. It also includes post image-processing and an ordering appointment. The session fee does NOT include prints/digitals. You can find information on the products and digital options over on our PRICING PAGE.

Portrait Sessions: The session fee includes up to 1 hour of studio or on-location photography time, post image-processing, and an ordering appointment. The session fee does NOT include prints/digitals. You can find information on the products and digital options over on our PRICING PAGE.

Our session is On-Location, but its raining!

First....Don't Panic! (Yup...totally a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Reference!). This is Michigan after all. The weather changes in the blink of an eye. Depending on your location, I may wait up until an hour before the session to decide whether or not we need to reschedule. We have had rainy mornings, and beautiful blue skies by evening. However, if the location we are headed is a rustic area where mud hangs around, I may recommend a reschedule earlier in the day.

What if I need to reschedule?

I understand that sometimes unforeseen things pop up. I allow for one time of rescheduling your session at no cost. I do ask that you cancel more than 24 hours before your session. However, I have kids. So I know that they can go to bed feeling fine and wake up sick. I would much rather reschedule your session than have you bringing a sick child to your session. Unhealthy children are unhappy children. If you need to reschedule more than once, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee. 

What if my child is fussy or won't cooperate?

I do my very best to be silly, and get your child to smile. However, some children just aren't into portraits, or are having a bad day. When scheduling your session, please keep their schedule in mind. Is there a time of day when they are usually happier? Never skip nap time for a portrait session. It could result in a fussy child. I'm not above bribery, so bring along your child's favorite bite-sized snack. I kindly ask that you do not yell/discipline your child if they are not smiling, or are not posing exactly as asked. I have worked with children through portrait studios and through the school system, I'm pretty good at getting them to cooperate. To a Pre-School age child, grown-ups in charge are kind of seen like "teachers" and the children tend to listen better to them than they would their own parents.

When it comes to newborns...they fuss! So don't worry. I am very used to it. I will do my best to soothe your baby, and if they are hungry, I will hand them off to you for a snack.

Do you offer Online Galleries?

I do not typically offer online viewing galleries. There are exceptions to this policy. I understand that there are times when you are unable to make it back to the studio for an ordering appointment. I strongly recommend doing your very best to come in to the studio for your ordering appointment, as this gives you a chance to see and feel the different print and album styles. In the event that I do make an exception, there will be a $500 non-refundable minimum purchase requirement. This payment must be made prior to receiving the gallery.


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