When you arrive, if you have not fed your newborn before arriving, I will have you feed and soothe your little one. As soon as baby is happy, full and sleepy we will begin. During the session, I will pose and handle your baby with the utmost care. Safety is my number one concern, so there is no need to worry. I will soothe, swaddle and ensure baby is kept happy.

The majority of posing will take place on a large beanbag. I use multiple backdrops to provide you with several different styled images. I also have baskets, beds and more that may be included. The number of set-ups is decided on a session-to-session basis. I love to capture those precious family images for you. So I will also ask you to participate in some relationship posing. If baby still seems a little awake when you arrive we will probably start with some pictures with mommy and daddy. If baby seems pretty sleepy, I will begin on the beanbag. 

What can you do to help during your session? The most important thing you can do is relax! Yes, you read that right, relax. Mom's can sometimes stress, especially if the sweet little one seems fussy. Don't worry, it is completely normal. Did you know that babies can sense stress and anxiety? Feeding, diaper changes, cuddling, and rocking are a large part of our sessions. I never push a baby to do any specific pose. If I try something and baby isn't feeling it, I move on. I may ask you to assist with some poses. However, the majority of the time, you can enjoy not having to worry. Feel free to even take a nap on the couch! Want to know another interesting fact? A baby can recognize its mother's smell! Because of this, I kindly ask that you to hang out in our sitting area, unless I request your assistance. This helps keep baby asleep, instead of thinking about mommy's milk.


Before you return for your ordering appointment, I recommend you take some time to check out our print options. This will give you the chance to decide which size portrait will be best for your space.