Keep your baby awake for 1-2 hours before the session. The goal is to wear them out. This will help them sleep better during your session, and allow us to get those precious sleepy poses.

Please be sure to arrive at the studio on time, and be prepared to stay for 2-3 hours. Not all sessions take this long, however this ensures that we have enough time to take breaks for feedings if necessary. We encourage you to bring along snacks or entertainment items, such as a book or tablet. We do have wifi available. We ask that you do not use cameras or video recorders during the session.

Feeding. If you live within 15 minutes of our studio we ask that you fully feed your newborn before coming to your session. If you are outside of the 15 minute radius we request that you be prepared to feed your sweet little one when you arrive at the studio. A full newborn is a sleepy, happy newborn. If you are breastfeeding we highly recommend staying away from spicy foods, or acidic juices and fruits before your session. These can upset your baby's tummy and cause him/her to feel uncomfortable. If you are formula feeding, be sure to bring along lots of extra formula.

Our studio is warm! Since baby is going to be naked, or wrapped we keep the studio very warm. We will be dressed comfortably. Mom, if you choose to have your hair and make-up professionally done (which we strongly recommend!) we will begin the session with the relationship poses so you don't have to worry about sweating off your make-up.

On the subject of relationship posing...if you are bringing along a sibling, we kindly ask that you also bring along someone who can assist in taking care of the sibling. We strongly recommend that you bring along someone who can take the sibling home once their part in the session is complete. Sometimes younger siblings have a difficult time sitting still for the full session time. Especially if they have nothing to do. Aside from a helper, please only bring along family members who will be participating in the session. This will help us maintain a quiet and peaceful environment.

What to Bring with you:

  • Lots of extra formula, diapers, and wipes.
  • A pacifier
  • Do you have a special hat, hair-band, family heirloom or outfit? Feel free to bring it along!