I will go through the images from your session and select the best ones. I edit each individual portrait to correct any baby acne, blemishes etc. It is my goal to provide you with approximately 30 final images. The total count is based on how cooperative your newborn was for the session. I will also include some black and white enhancements for the images that I think will look beautiful in this style. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. Once your images are ready, we will give you a call and schedule a time for you to come into the studio for an ordering appointment. This is when you will choose your artwork, therefore we ask that you bring along all decision makers to this appointment. After your ordering appointment, we like to post a blog about your session. We share this blog on our Facebook page, so be sure to like us so you can see when this gets posted, and share your beautiful images with all of your friends and family.


Before we delve into pricing, I would like to take a moment to discuss the importance of printing your portraits. Technology changes. Remember floppy disks? No? That’s because they were replaced with CDs, which are being replaced with USB flash drives. Technology changes, but prints are forever! Plus...technology can fail, and files can corrupt. Don’t take the chance at losing your precious portraits. A photograph isn’t a photograph until it is printed! Huh? Well, until it becomes a print, a photograph is just a digital file on some sort of device. Weird to think of it like that, isn’t it? If you print off your portrait and hang it on your wall, you will see it daily. Some days you might just walk on past it, but some days you will look at it and remember that exact moment in time. The laughter, the love and the joy. So, as you are looking over pricing options, remember why it is important to get a beautiful wall art for your home.